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1 Dec 2014

Still making small tweeks...

In the meanwhile I would like to post two old interviews conducted many years ago.

Ben Hermans -Hyperion - Nov 6 2002

Fleccy Moss - Amiga Inc. - Nov 13 2002

Go cats!

Site works with IBrowse 2.4, AWeb APL 3.5 Lite & Netsurf 3.2
(with various formatting issues...)

Of all the sites I have cataloged... These are the best of the best!!!! DAMN GOOD! - the sanctuary of amiga addicts
Author: Date Verified: PENDING
A portal to several INCREDIBLE Amiga websites. Hall of lights - The ultimate Amiga games database. English Amiga Board - The popular international Amiga board. Mods Jukebox - Listen to the best oldschool music. IRC - Web portal - Connect to our chat room. WinUAE Kaillera - Play Amiga games over the internet. WinFellow - Amiga emulator's main website. Jambo! - Amiga games search engine and Goodies - Download Amiga related stuff. RECOMMENDED!!!!

AIAB - Amiga in a Box
Author: James M Battle Date Verified: PENDING
AmigaInABox, is the essential download for all UAE freaks. To be brief, it is a 'snapshot' of my current Workbench setup on UAE. This isnt just any old 'snapshot' however, the archive has been painstakingly setup for immediate use - the main zipfile extracts into its own directories, requiring just a Kickstart Rom, and the WinUAE exectuable to run (oh come on, kickstart 3.0/3.1 roms arent that hard to get hold of! Theres Cloanto's "AmigaForever" for a start! Well, with AmigaInABox (AIAB) you can kiss all these knightmares away, practically everything you could ever need is here - already pre-configured - this is an AmigaInABox.

All about the Amiga 3000
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
Everything you always wanted to know about the Amiga 3000 but you where afraid to ask because no one would know the answer. Articles - Pin layout of the video slot and Zorro slots, Memory setup, The A3000 custom chips, SCSI examples, Motherboard jumpers, The 3640 board, Colours during power-on and MUCH MORE!! GREAT PAGE!

Ami Sector One
Author: Ami Sector One Date Verified: PENDING
This site is dedicated to Amiga emulation and all what's related to it. AMI Sector One's only goal is to provide the Amiga emulator fan with the stuff he or she needs legally. You'll find here a huge collection of games, module files and demos of the Amiga scene. But keep in mind - all you can download here is shareware or a commercial product we're allowed to put it up, because we're having a written permission by the author or the distributor. You'll find a list of all contributors in the corporate area. We hope you'll enjoy your stay.

Author: Mark 'tecno' Wilson Date Verified: PENDING
The BEST place on the web for Amiga users to sell their stuff to other Amiga users!! PERIOD!!!

Author: Håkan Parting Date Verified: PENDING
AmiComSys or Amiga Communicator System is an Internet application for the Amiga OS. If you are not an Amigan you may see who is online and send messages on this home page. Lonely days on the net is a thing of the past. With AmiComSys you always will have company while you are surfing. AmiComSys is an AMarquee client program which you use to communicate with other people on a tcp/ip-net - e.g Internet. At the same time it make it easier to find people's IP-addresses, for use with for example Internet gaming, and homepages. You can see if your Amiga buddies are online, or why not find new friends? Instant messages can be exchanged with the people online. These messages pops up on the screen. You can also send files to your friends, with the SendFile feature.

Amiga 4000 Hardware Guide
Author: Warren Block Date Verified: PENDING
The BEST guide for just about EVERYTHING about the Amiga 4000. GREAT!!!!!!!

Amiga emulation on the Mac
Author: Date Verified: PENDING
The premeir Man emulation site's page to Amiga emulation. GREAT PAGE!!! (for the Mac)

Amiga Flame
Author: Amiga Flame Date Verified: PENDING
One of the best places on the net to get the latest information on the Amiga gaming scene!! "The best games site in the world" - Amiga Format. "The prime source for Amiga gaming news" - Amiga Survivor. "The grestest source of information on Amiga games" - Amiga Computing"

Amiga Hardware Database
Author: Amiga Hardware Database Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to the Amiga Hardware Database, the ultimate Amiga hardware guide by Alex Lupták. It's the right place for those who are preparing to buy used or new Amiga hardware and want to see the whole range of supply and compare the capabilities and performances of the different models and expansion cards. This site contains exclusively precise and detailed descriptions, high-resolution photographs and informative benchmarks, which really makes it the right place!

Amiga History Guide
Author: Gareth Knight Date Verified: PENDING
The DEVINATINE GUIDE to the Amiga. Information on EVERY system, Chipset, Amiga history Unreleased systems and MORE!!! A++++ INCREDIBLE SITE!!!!

Amiga Inc.'s Home Page
Author: Amiga Inc. Date Verified: PENDING
Amiga's Home Page.. What else is there to say??

Amiga Link Directory
Author: Date Verified: PENDING
A GREAT site for Amiga links!!! Over 600+ links to date. WOW!!!

Amiga Network News (ANN)
Author: Christian Kemp Date Verified: PENDING
One of the BEST sites on the Web to find out what's happening with the Amiga!!! News, rumours, thought provoking discussion and MORE!!!

Amiga Platform specifik information and files
Author: Lars Jessen Date Verified: PENDING
***WOW Incredible source for of Amiga information *** General Information: Rom Kernal Reference Manuals, Native Developer Kit, Other AmigaOS dokumentation, Amiga Assemblers, Amiga C Compilers, Other Amiga Compilers, Amiga Development Tools. Sources and tutorials: Amiga Assembler, Programming page, Amiga C programming page, Amiga links. Schematics and diagrams: A4000 Schematics.

Amiga Software Archive
Author: Mark Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to my Amiga Software Archive! I would like to take a moment and tell you why I am posting this software. I am not trying to post pirated or illegal software but software that you cannot purchase anymore from Amiga, Inc. I am a long time fan of the Amiga and as an owner of two Amiga 1000s and one Amiga 2000, it was very hard to find drivers and system software for my computers. Since Amiga, Inc. does not support these machines anymore I had to find the software for them on the Internet. Now I am not faulting Amiga, Inc. for not supporting these machines because they are very old however I also think Amiga, Inc. should allow drivers and original system disks (Kickstart/Workbench 1.0 to Kickstart/Workbench 1.2) to be freely copied since they are really no use to Amiga, Inc. anymore. TONS OF SOFTWARE DRIVERS AND DISK IMAGES!!!!!

Amiga stuff for newbies
Author: Adam Atkinson's Date Verified: PENDING
Be warned that this page is changing quite fast at the moment - I have a long list of things I want to add to it. It's likely to get into a bit of a mess from time to time until I work out what order to say things in. The Amiga Utilities page will tell you where to find a variety of fundamental Amiga utilities. Some of them, such as lha and installer, are simply vital, and a number of others have effectively become standard parts of the operating system - I should think very few serious Amiga users don't have reqtools.library

Amiga Technical Notes
Author: Calum Tsang Date Verified: PENDING
Info on various Amiga tech subjects. A2090, A2620/30, A3000 Tech notes, A570 FAQ and lots more!!!

Amiga University
Author: Kevin Orme Date Verified: PENDING
AU Worldwide Amiga News. Welcome to the Worldwide Amiga News page. If you have a new site to add to our list, please email us with the URL and we'll add it to this page. Despite what the press may say, there are a LOT of these sites and most are kept pretty current, enjoy!

Amiga UNIX
Author: Jose Miguel Gallego Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to Commodore's Amiga UNIX Community. Created to share experiences with the Amiga UNIX Operating System. This site has been created with two objectives: 1. To salvage Commodore's Amiga Unix Operating System. 2. To exchange information about the installation and operation of Amiga UNIX.. We can talk about the other versions (LINUX and NetBSD) of UNIX for the Amiga but that would be at a later date. So, I hope we all have fun bringing back this great operating system to work, at least for us. GREAT!!!!

Amiga Update
Author: Brad Webb Date Verified: PENDING
An occasional newsletter. Welcome to the archive site for "Amiga Update". "Amiga Update" exists to provide news and clearly labeled, entertaining rumors on a timely basis. We have two target audiences - Amigans with limited resources for obtaining Amiga news, and users of other computers who have some interest in the Amiga. Because we publish with no set schedule, we can have an issue available whenever there's fresh news to report. Updated!!
Author: Date Verified: PENDING
One of the BESt sites on the web to get uptodate Amiga information!! Forums, Amiga link directory, newsticker and more!!
Author: Wayne Hunt Date Verified: PENDING
Earth's premier source of Amiga information!!! What else could I add??

AmigaDos Online reference Manual
Author: MrAmiga Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to the The Amiga DOS online reference manual. This site is always under construction so please excuse the mess while this site settles in to its new home. Here you will find comprehensive guides to The Amiga Operating System and ARexx scripting language along with technical specifications on the Amiga line of computers, the latest Internet applications for the Amiga, Mirror sites for two of the leading Amiga software developers Phantom Development and Finale Development, and a jump point to other exciting Amiga oriented web sites on the World Wide Web. I would like to thank Mark R. Buechler for hosting this site and getting me away from my old ISP.

Author: Mike Bouma Date Verified: PENDING
This is the main page for AmigaRing. Web rings are a novel way to visit a multitude of pages on the same subject, just by visiting one page, and then moving onto the "next" page. The AmigaRing, created in September, 1996, is made up of web pages relating to the world of Amiga computers. Programmers, developers, sales outlets, and personal home pages are some of the pages linked within the AmigaRing.

Author: Guvenc Kaplan Date Verified: PENDING
A GREAT site for Amiga news and information.

Author: Scott Pistorino Date Verified: PENDING
Your Looking at it!! The BEST place on the web to get info on the Amiga!! PERIOD!!!

Author: Harv Lasera Date Verified: PENDING
The AmigaZone, founded in 1985, is an online resource, community and oasis for Amiga computer owners, users and lovers, world-wide. It can be accessed using any terminal program or Telnet client, (if you like a BBS style interface) and we also have a fast and slick web interface you can use with any web browser! The Zone has dozens of message bases, over 100,000 downloadable files, (our file library is bigger than Aminet and goes all the way back to 1985, the year the Amiga Computer was born!) an Amiga Usenet newsfeed, Amiga Fidonet echoes feed, "QWK" mail and news downloading capability, CD ROMs online, fourteen Amiga mailing lists and much more!

Author: Amitopia Date Verified: PENDING
Great site for Amiga news and information. Lot's of good artices and interviews!!! Publishers of the Amitopia Magazine Issue for the Scandinavian Amiga user.

Big Book of Amiga Hardware
Author: Ian Chapman Date Verified: PENDING
One of the BEST places on the web to fing information on just about EVERY AMIGA and device pertaining to it!! GREAT!!!!!

Author: Sales at BS Date Verified: PENDING
One of the BEST places to purchase hardware and software for the Amiga. Period!!!

Centsible Software
Author: Centsible Software Date Verified: PENDING
17 years of service. Celebrating our 4th year on the web! Software/Hardware accessories for the Amiga, Commodore and PC. Over 4000 software titles in stock!! We guarantee the lowest price on software! Purchased all of Paxtron's inventory. Lots of hard to find items!!! GREAT COMPANY!!!

Chip Directory
Author: Date Verified: PENDING
This site contains: Numerically and functionally ordered chip lists, chip pinouts and lists of chip manufacturers, manufacturers of controller embedding tools, electronics books, CDROM's, magazines, WWW sites and much more.

Author: CommodoreOne Date Verified: PENDING
A web page for Jeri Ellsworth homebrew CommodoreOne. A homemade C=64 meets Amiga computer. I got a chance to meet her and see a demonstration of her system at Amiwet 2001. Wonderfl person!! If I could have bought one a CommodoreOne right there I would have!!! What I saw blew me away!!!

Commodre Gallery
Author: Commodore Gallery Date Verified: PENDING
****GREAT****From places near and far, the computers and accessories of Commodore Business Machines have made their way into my humble home. These digital wonders are my favorite toys, being both my chief hobby and greatest passion. You may want to check out the Canonical List of Commodore Products for more information on the myriad of Commodore products before proceeding. And so, without further adeau, I welcome you to join with me in the wonderous exploration of these awesome machines.…

CompuQuick Media Center
Author: Compuquick Date Verified: PENDING
Your Amiga's home on the internet. There have been only two constants in the Amiga World, the Amiga Community and Compuquick Media Center. We are and have been America's leading source for all Amiga related hardware, software and peripherals... now serving the Amiga community for the past 11 years. (Amiga affiliated since 1987) Please take a moment to look through our Online Catalog. Remember this, if you don't see it listed, call us anyways because we are sure to have it. RECOMMENDED!

Czech Amiga News
Author: ExiX Date Verified: PENDING
One of the BEST sites on the net to say up to date on all the latest Amiga news!!

Dave's Amiga Hardware Page
Author: Dave Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to the Amiga Hardware Resource and Overclocking page. This site is constantly updated. Visit regularly for the latest Amiga hardware and overclocking ideas and experiences. This site is optimised for Amigas using Ibrowse or Aweb at 1024x768 resolution. Pages on this site may look untidy at lower resolutions. This website is proudly compiled using the KISS principle! GREAT SITE!!!! Lots of links!!!

Delphi Commmodore Section
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to COM COM! This is the Commodore Forum Staff. We're here to help you. If you have questions or problems, please contact us.

Digital Almanac Homepage
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
Digital Almanac III is an astronomy program developed for the Amiga that offers you lots of features. PowerPC support (WarpOS) for fastest calculations. Virtual telescope with three different view modes. Free zooming with mouse, keyboard or direct position input. You can choose any place and time of observation. The place is not limited to Earth only ! Stars catalog containing more than a million stars internally up to +16m. Additionally including of the Hubble-GSC star catalog with more than 25 millionen stars. And MUCH MORE! ** PLUS The site also contains several graphic datatypes.

DocDatatypes Home Page
Author: Amarpreet Singh Munde Date Verified: PENDING
From this page you can find the latest information regarding the DocDatatypes development. DocDatatypes is a set of Datatypes classes for documents. It is a subclass of the text.datatype. Supports DosWord 4, 5 and 5.5, WinWord 1, 2, 6, 95, 97, 2000, 2002(XP), Windows Write 3, MacWord 4, 5, 98, MS Works 3, 4, OS 2 Word, AmiPro 1, 2, 3, WordStar 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, WordStar 2000 1, 2, 3, WordPerfect 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 2000, WordPerfect Notebook, WordPerfect Program, Editor/Ed Editor, WordPerfect Macro Editor, Letter Perfect, Rich Text File, Pocket Word 1, 2, XyWrite III, Psion Quill Doc, QL Quill Doc, Psion Word, Psion TextEd, Palm DB TEXt Doc (compressed and uncompressed), RichReader Doc (compressed and uncompressed), TEAL Doc (compressed and uncompressed), Atari 1st Word(plus), Mac Write 4.5, Mac Text, Mac TeachText.

E.S. Productions
Author: Eric Schwartz Date Verified: PENDING
Eric Schwartz home page. For those of you who were hoping for a big archive of my animations and pictures, youre likely to be disappointed. I just don't have the space here. If you are interested in getting the bulk of my animation and picture files, you can visit The Unofficial Eric Schwartz Web Page, or my own Site B. These sites currently has more links to files than I do, and I will try to support them with new and interesting stuff when I can.

Author: Elbox Date Verified: PENDING
Long time Amiga hardware manufacturer. Makers of the Mediator, tower systems, soon to released PPC G3/G4 accelerators, interfaces and more!

English Amiga Board
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
I don't know HOW I have missed this the past few YEARS!!! With over Members: 672, Threads: 5,430, Posts: 58,477 This is one HELL of a Amiga Forum!! Drop on in, chat and a learn something!!

Enhance your Amiga
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
A collection of programs that NO amiga user should be without!!!!
Author: Date Verified: PENDING
You need information about electronics?? Look no further!! WOW!! is a web site, which is dedicated to offer information on electronics found from the web. Every link in this site is carefully chosen and handpicked. was originally born from Tomi Engdahl's Electronics Info Pages. All the information found from there can now be found here. The content of this site is continuously renewed so that new and useful information is available to electronics professionals students and hobbyist.

Ethernet on the Amiga!
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
Ok--people on csa.* have been asking with increasing frequency how they can get ethernet on their Amigas. This page is an attempt to make life easy for everyone so people can be directed here and this question does not need to be answered many times a day.

Author: Eyetech Date Verified: PENDING
Amiga hardware and software. TONS of items!!! GREAT SITE!!

Fun Time World
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
We publish in germany games like aqua (german version) puzzleBOBS from Nexus development and frogger/softcinmear! News, information, downloads forums, links and more. Site in German. Updated!

Author: Richard Kapp Date Verified: PENDING
Do you have a gfx-card but just don't have a clue which games, scene-demos or WB-Gags support it? Or do you hate it that the latest download only works with PAL/NTSC resolutions and don't want to switch to your scandoubler? Do you want games that make use of high resolutions and tons of colours but can't find them? Well - now there's a solution. Just have a look at the GFX-BASE. It is a collection of all Amiga games, scene-demos and WB-Gags that support GFX-cards including description of the genre, website and - if available - a download link aswell! Thanx to lots of contributors, the list is growing every week.

Guides to the Amiga
Author: Peter J. Hutchinson Date Verified: PENDING
If you want to find more information about the Amiga, Workbench, AmigaOS, Hardware and certain Amiga applications, check out my Guides below. HTML, AmigaGuide and PDF versions are supplied for most of them. This website is the home of Epson, HP and other printer drivers and also guides on Workbench and aspects of Workbench and the UAE Emulation FAQ. Also includes Windows FAQs and Guides as well.

Hardware Book
Author: Joakim Ögren Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to the Hardware Book. Internet's largest free collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions. GREAT!!!!

Hardware Drivers
Author: Paul Martin Date Verified: PENDING
Here is a collection of Hardware Drivers for various Amiga boards. Although this software is downloaded from my server I cannot be held responsible if you Amiga stops working/dies/blows up/your sister goes weird etc. after using any of these drivers. Most are downloadable from the manufacturers own homepages. I just thought it would be better to put them all in one place.

Hyperion Entertainment
Author: Hyperion Date Verified: PENDING
Hyperion Entertainment is a privately held Belgian-German company, founded in March of 1999. The company specialises in 3D graphics and the conversion of top-quality entertainment software from Windows to niche-platforms including Amiga, Linux (x86,PPC) and MacOS (OS 9/X).Developer of entertainment software for Amiga, Linux & Mac. Makers of the Heretic II port, Freespace, Shogo and more. Active supporter of the Amiga!!

Installer's Heaven
Author: Installer's Heaven Date Verified: PENDING
Have you ever lost an install disk for a piece of hardware, and then realise that the company is bankrupt? Ever had a cool day, and found a cheap accelerator for that old a1000, but don't know where to turn for the software? Well, here's the place! Take what you need, and send ANY software or manuals for hardware here, so others may benefit too! I've noticed MANY people are also having problems with manuals for their hardware. They don't know how to install something, because the don't have the jumper settings, or are missing some relevant info from the manual. I've decided to start a web page for that HERE

Lightwave World
Author: Lightwave World Date Verified: PENDING
Lightwave Enthusiasts Everywhere! Are your renderings leaving your creativity a vapid hole of anti-matter? Are your plug-ins plugged up? Are your 3-D's turning into a lot of 3- don't s? Well, look no further because Lightwave World will jump start your hypervoxels, illuminate your metanurbs and pump up your polygons until you find your x/y axis rotating smoothly again. Lightwave World by designer Thomas Clark provides you and your creative muse the resources you need to complete your projects but without the stress and frenzy.

Logic Sim
Author: Andreas Tetzl Date Verified: PENDING
LogicSim is an AMIGA program to simulate digital logic circuits. It has a full graphic user interface to design and edit the circuits. Features: unlimited number of gates, user definable work space, AND, OR, NAND, NOR and XOR gates with 2, 3 or 5 inputs, RS, JK, JKMS, T and D flip flops, JKMS and T FlipFlops with, independent Set and Reset inputs, user definable Timer: Clock, Monoflop, turn on delay and turn off delay, saving the circuit as iff or print it, input inverter, traffic light model. AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

M.E.S.S. Multi Emulator Super System Homepage
Author: The MESS Team Date Verified: PENDING
MESS is a free emulator which emulates a large variety of different systems. As of the latest CVS version, it supports the following: OVER 250 different systems!! The source code to MESS is freely available, so you can download it and make improvements. You are encouraged to send these back to the MESS team for inclusion in future versions of this program.

Magnus Holmgren's Home Page
Author: Magnus Holmgren's Date Verified: PENDING
My hobby is to write programs on my Amiga (I have an A4000/040). I have written a number of programs. Too many almost. I don't quite have the time to work on all of them. Thus, some of them haven't been updated lately (not that all of them needs any work). Maker of Clip History, ReqChange, RedTools, and the GREAT picture viewer Visage!!!! I have also written a guide on how to define screen modes for the Picasso96 and CyberGraphX RTG systems.

Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
This is the support page for the latest public version of MakeCD. MakeCD is a program to write CDs. ""MakeCD is the best CD writer software for the Amiga!"" Lots of GOOD info on this page!!

Author: MAME Date Verified: PENDING
MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with a game's data files (ROMs), MAME will more or less faithfully reproduce that game on a PC. MAME can currently emulate over 1500 classic arcade video games from the '70s and '80s. The ROM images that MAME utilizes are "dumped" from arcade games' original circuit-board ROM chips. MAME becomes the ""hardware"" for the games, taking the place of their original CPUs and support chips. Therefore, these games are NOT simulations, but the actual, original games that appeared in arcades.

Miami TCP/IP
Author: Holger Kruse Date Verified: PENDING
Miami is a new TCP/IP protocol stack to access the Internet by modem, cable modem, ISDN modem, or to access local networks by Ethernet/Arcnet. All you need to get connected to the Internet is already built in to Miami (PPP/SLIP, dialer, modem control, TCP/IP kernel,...).

Moo bunny
Author: John Shepard Date Verified: PENDING
The world famous Moo Bunny Message board. Stimulating reading and conversation!!

Mr. Hardware
Author: Russ Norrby Date Verified: PENDING
'Mr. Hardware Computers' is a fully authorized Amiga International dealer. We can accomodate all of your Amiga needs, including educational sales, expert repairs, both in and out of warranty, and all special promotions. We are also an authorized NewTek Toaster/Flyer dealer. 'Mr. Hardware Computers' sells all models of the Amiga computer from game machines, including CD32, to professional video editing systems. If you have any questions about upgrading your Amiga or Video Toaster system, please contact Russ Norrby for a reliable inexpensive system. Amiga Dealer since 1985. Come see our large listings online. We even run our business on Amiga Computers. Located in New York, USA We sell Internationally We are the owners of SBase4 Pro formerly SuperBase We make mouse and keyboard adapters that will work with kvm's. Owners of "Pc on a Card" to fit in your Classic Amiga computers. (Great Site!)

Nova Design, Inc.
Author: Nova Design Date Verified: PENDING
Makers of the premeir Amiga imaging software -ImageFX!!! Plus Aladdin 4D rendering software and more!

Official AmigaOS 3.9 FAQ
Author: Greg Donner Date Verified: PENDING
This FAQ is meant to provide answers to frequent questions regarding OS 3.9 and it's usage. I welcome all suggestions/feedback to this site. Constructive criticism is also accepted. Please note, however, that due to the large amount of e-mail I receive daily from the OS 3.5 & 3.9 mailing lists, as well as e-mail to me directly, I may not always be able to add as many entries as some would like. These pages are intended as a means of answering the most common questions or those pertinent to most OS 3.9 users

Operating System Technical Comparison
Author: Milo Date Verified: PENDING
Overview: This web site compares and contrasts operating systems. It originally started out on a small server in the engineering department of Ohio State University to answer a single question: On technical considerations only, how does Rhapsody (also known as Mac OS X Server) stack up as a server operating system (especially in comparison to Windows NT)? The web site now compares and contrasts server operating systems and will in the near future expand to compare other kinds of operating systems.

PerfectPaint's Page
Author: Georges Halvadjain Date Verified: PENDING
Paint, Anim and manipulate pictures from 1bit to 24bits. GREAT!!!!!

Peter's Amiga Home Page
Author: Peter Hutchinson Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to the Web resource for Amiga, PC and Mac covering printers, Emulation, Workbench and Amiga hardware. Lot's of guides and other information!!

Power Computing
Author: Power Computing Date Verified: PENDING
Your one stop shop for just about eveything Amiga!! Towers, accelerators, software, video, addons, storage and much more!!!

Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
Those of you who are Amiga owners - so fortunate and so few - can find most anything you need by following one or another of the linx on this here page. When you find whatever you're looking for, you can download it (of course while that's going on you can shove the screen in the background and do Cool Stuff in multitasking peace). By the way, let's all congratulate MicroSoft for Windows95. Finally, they managed to make PCs do at least SOME of the stuff that Amigas and Macs were doing 10 years ago - and with only 1000% of the RAM, and HD space. Great marketing job, Bill!

Redmond Cable
Author: Redmond Cable Corp Date Verified: PENDING
So you never thought you would run into someone who, outside your user group, knew what AD Pro, Video Toasters, Flyers, Parnet or GVP image F/X stuff was used for, eh? Not only do we know what that stuff is but we excel at supplying cables that give you the ability to use those terrific, I mean isn't it...well let's see, how about VISCORP computers. Well, whatever their called this week, we have the cables. YES THEY DO!!!

rmb digitaltechnik
Author: rbm Date Verified: PENDING
Makers of the Towerhawk, IOBlix ethernet card, Quadport, ScanQuix 5, Ultraconv 4 fxPaint.

Sabrina Online
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to the Sabrina Online Mirror Archive! Sabrina Online is a monthly comic series written and drawn by a famous furry artist, Eric Schwartz. If this is your first time here, please view this brief description and copyright information for Sabrina Online, as written by the author himself. This archive became OFFICIAL on Monday, May 22nd, 2000!

Sacramento Amiga Computer Club (AmiWest)
Author: Chuck Washburn Date Verified: PENDING
Founded in 1986, The Sacramento Amiga Computer Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to users of the Amiga family of computers. Memberships are available to all who have an interest in the Amiga personal computer. Our purpose is the dissemination of information about, assistance to the users of, and promotion of the Amiga computer. Membership is open to anyone and everyone who has an interest in the Amiga.

Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
Distributors of Aminet and tons more software!!!!

Author: Eddy Carroll Date Verified: PENDING
SnoopDos is an Amiga utility that allows you to monitor all file activity on your system, as well as what tooltypes a program is checking, what fonts, libraries and devices are being loaded, and so on. If a program won't start correctly for some reason, SnoopDos can be invaluable for tracking down the cause. Plus several other good Amiga program!

Software Hut
Author: Software Hut Date Verified: PENDING
Company Info --Mission Statement: To serve the AMIGA community with the largest collection of AMIGA software and hardware at affordable prices. GREAT COMPANY!!!

Squid's Amiga Page and Rumor Mill 3.0
Author: John Shepard Date Verified: PENDING
One of the BEST places on the net to follow the ramblings of the Amiga. Links to past Squid articles,The Moo Bunny message board, Cabinet of Curiosities, Artwork, a Sarah McLachlan page and more!
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
Real people helping real people. GREAT amiga news amd commentary site. Updated!

Sunrize Industries Audio
Author: Sunrize Industries Audio Date Verified: PENDING
We've been using the AD516 card manufactured by Sunrize Industries for all of our recording work here at EMRL since 1996. At that point, it was already out of date, with Sunrize having stopped production and closed up shop in 1994, shortly after Commodore went bankrupt. AD516/AD1012/Studio16 Frequently Asked Questions

the Amiga Coldfire project
Author: Coldfire Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to the web site for the Amiga Coldfire project.. This project is designed to bring the power of Motorola`s new V4 Coldfire to the Amiga, The V4 Colfire is a super fast 68060 compatible, low power CPU running at 220Mhz, Almost three times the speed of the fastest 68060, The projects goal is to make a CPU upgrade for the Amiga range of computers.

The Commodore Billboard
Author: Soren Ladegaard Date Verified: PENDING
The Commodore Billboard was launched in September 2000, and has now been established as the Internet's most comprehensive archive of Commodore marketing material. Currently the archive features material in 10 languages including both adverts, brochures, sponsorship photos, promotional items and last but certainly not least TV & radio commercials. GREAT!!!!

The Deathbed Vigil and other tales of digital angst
Author: Dave Haynie Date Verified: PENDING
A story of the days surrounding the bankruptcy of Commodore Computer, some of the people involved in making the Amiga systems, and where it all went wrong (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!)

The Nth Dimension - The Amiga Coverdisk Archive
Author: The Nth Dimension Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to the best archive of Amiga coverdisks on the internet! These coverdisks contain all sorts of game demos, utilities, music etc. that you cannot find anywhere else, including Aminet. Please browse the archives and have fun! Everything is in the .adf format, so you can use them on a real Amiga or an emulated one. CU Amiga - Amiga Action - The One - Amiga Computing - Zero - Amiga Format - Other Coverdisks - Links!

The secret weapons of Commodore
Author: Cameron Kaiser Date Verified: PENDING
They were the secret weapons! The unrealized phantasms of technological wonder! The ravings of mad geniuses made flesh and locked away in caverns of dust never to see the light of day! The demons that Tramiel forgot, to come tapping at their door even as the winds of oblivion beckon and spit! What Is This Archive?, or, An Excruciatingly Lengthy History of Commodore The horrifying tale of the behemoth from its origins in the blackest nethermists of time, to its agonising struggle against the slavering maw of destruction!

The Turboprint Homepage
Author: IrseeSoft Date Verified: PENDING
Turboprint is a complete replacement for the Amiga OS printer drivers. It adds many new printer drivers, e.g. for the latest colour inkjet printers. Built in "intelligence" ensures optimum output without complicated setup. Compatible to your existing Amiga software: "Printing as usual" - just in TurboPrint's perfect quality! It comes with a 24 bit "printer.device" that improves print speed and quality. Up to 16 million colours are reproduced (24bit support! ). Vibrant colours & finest dithering: our "TrueMatch " colour management system ensures optimal colour reproduction. Individual control of brightness, sharpness, contrast and saturation. Site in English, French and German

The World of Magic Menu
Author: Olaf 'Olsen Barthel Date Verified: PENDING
Magic Menu offers popup menus for the AMIGA starting with OS 2.x (also with optional MWB 3D look) and more...

Tom's Hardware Guide
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
One of the BEST places on the web to get the latest information of what's happening in the computer industry, Reviews, benchmarks, guides and more!!

Tom-D-Tek's AMIGA Hack Page
Author: Tom Weeks Date Verified: PENDING
If you are a red boxxing, pHrAcK wanna-B, this is NOT the place for you... This area is dedicated to AMIGA hardware hacks that appreciate the finer points of creating/modifying hardware systems; for people who KNOW and wish to learn... not for war dial'n, cell phone hack'n kids! >8v/ MANY, MANY hardware hack resources. LOTS of REPAIR/TECH TIPS!!!!

Author: Use the Mailing Lists Date Verified: PENDING
For over 6 years, VaporWare has lead the way in Amiga(tm) Internet application development. A world-wide collaboration of the most experienced and talented Amiga(tm) programmers makes sure your Amiga(tm) is always up to and beyond standards in today's Internet applications, in every respect from Web browsing over Mail and News to IRC. Makers of the Voyager WWW browser, AmIRC, AmTelnet, AmTalk, Amiga NCP (Pison/Palmtop link), MetalWEB (WYSIWYG HTML Editor), mFTP II, MicroDot II (Mail/Newsreader) and NetInfo.

Author: Vesalia Date Verified: PENDING
German retailor. All the latest hardware and software

Author: Virus Help Denmark Date Verified: PENDING
The latest up to date Virus software for the Amiga. Plus some for the Dos/Windows/Mac and Linux. We are 5 guys, who earlier worked for Safe Hex International to prevent the spreading of virus. But as our policy couldn't fit SHI's, we decided to step out from the 31 dec. 1994 to start on our own. Our objectives are: 1) To fight and prevent the spreading of computervirus. 2) To aid users with virus relate problems. 3) To support all wellknown antivirus programmer with virus. 4) To be a NON-PROFIT group. RECOMMENMDED!!!

Vision Factory Development
Author: VGR Date Verified: PENDING
The Solar System's premier source for Amiga Graphic Card and Expansion Info & News!!! Home page for CyberGraphX created by Vision Factory Development. INCREDIBLE SITE!!!

Welcome to Marcel DeVoe's Amiga Web Page
Author: Marcel DeVoe Date Verified: PENDING
I am an Amiga aficionado and love my A4000D (Desktop) computer. After getting requests on various projects that I and my nephew have done (especially overclocking) on our mostly similar Amigas, I decided to put up these pages to answer most of the questions (and also so I won't have to keep emailing and posting over and over again to various newsgroups, especially comp.sys.amiga.hardware ;-) But mostly I have also created these web pages dedicated (by many requests) to what seems to interest Amiga owners the most with their systems, OVERCLOCKING. In this day, upgrading is imperative, especially the NEED for SPEEED.

Welcome to the official Amiga Samba page
Author: AmigaSamba Date Verified: PENDING
the Definitave giuge for configuring Samba on the Amiga. Step by step instructions to show you how to network an Amiga with a PC!! GREAT SITE!!!!

Welcome to the official Amiga Samba page.
Author: Samba Date Verified: PENDING
The definiative source for information on Samba for the Amiga, A wonderfully done site containing a Installation Guide, FAQ, Mailinglist, Download Section, Technical Info and SAMBA Filesystem Information.

Welecome to
Author: Wouter Lamée Date Verified: PENDING
Wonderful page. Lots of GREAT information on using a digital camera with the Amiga, Overclocking the Cyberstorm, Image Processing, Fonts, the WWW, MP3 encoding and more!!! So good I cataloged two of his pages separately!

What is a Commodore Computer?
Author: Reid C. Swenson Date Verified: PENDING
A Look at the Incredible History and Legacy of the Commodore Home Computers. There are many individuals who have probably never heard of the Commodore home computers and are unaware of their incredible legacy and the tremendous impact which they have had upon the evolution of computers. Some of the younger generation who are too young to remember the 1980's may still not have seen or heard much-- if anything-- about Commodore computers and likely have very little sense of their significance. (GREAT!!!!))

Workbench Nostalgia
Author: Gregory Donner Date Verified: PENDING
Information about past releases of Workbench is becoming increasingly hard to find. In response, this page is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the interesting and valuable history of the Amiga's Workbench. From 1.0- 3.9 and all 23 versions in between, screen shots and interesting facts. WOW!!!

YAM 2.4 -Dev
Author: Yam 2.4 Dev Date Verified: PENDING
The BEST E-Mail prgoram for the Amiga. PERIOD!!! This version is currently in development, and may not work perfectly. The yamos development team wishes you to know that this is completely beta-ware and will NOT take any responsibility for any damage done by this compilation, nor will they support any questions regarding the new features in these versions.

YAM Official Support Site
Author: Marcel Beck Date Verified: PENDING
'Yet Another Mailer', one of the most popular e-mail programs for the Amiga. Home of the latest Amiga and open source version

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