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19 Dec 14

Seasons Greetings from!!
Ho Ho Ho

In the meanwhile I would like to post two old interviews conducted many years ago.

Ben Hermans -Hyperion - Nov 6 2002

Fleccy Moss - Amiga Inc. - Nov 13 2002

Go cats!

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General Sites and Sites Recommend by you.

** Mike's (Amiga) Place **
Author: Mike Date Verified: PENDING
** Mike's (Amiga) Place ** NOTE: Windows 95/98/ME Users - Press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Delete] twice to continue. Windows NT/2000/XP Users - Your screen has been modified. Windows must be rebooted for the changes to take effect! Lots of links and cool sites
EXTRAs BAR - the sanctuary of amiga addicts
Author: Date Verified: PENDING
A portal to several INCREDIBLE Amiga websites. Hall of lights - The ultimate Amiga games database. English Amiga Board - The popular international Amiga board. Mods Jukebox - Listen to the best oldschool music. IRC - Web portal - Connect to our chat room. WinUAE Kaillera - Play Amiga games over the internet. WinFellow - Amiga emulator's main website. Jambo! - Amiga games search engine and Goodies - Download Amiga related stuff. RECOMMENDED!!!!

Absolutely Amiga
Author: BACHELET Adelphe Date Verified: PENDING
La passion Amiga : Histoire, Trucs Astuces, En pratique, Téléchargement DP, nombreux liens... (Personal Site In French, sorry !)

Author: ACP Date Verified: PENDING
The biggest Polish Amiga news site and amiga stuff trade board.

Amazing Amiga
Author: Keith Blakemore-Noble Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to Amazing Amiga, my humble pages. My name is Keith, and I shall be your guide through this sub-section of the vast entity known as The Web. The Web itself can be a dangerous place, but your safety is assured within these 34 pages (which are rated "suitable for all ages" - you can also rate your pages easily), and there should be little danger from my 300+ links, although I cannot guarantee that. (Contained within these pages are a large number of links, but I hope that you find these pages to be more than just another collection of links to other collections of links!)

Amiga Community
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
Small Amiga forum page. Some links.

Amiga Computer Group Gothenburg (ACG Göteborg)
Author: Andreas Loong Date Verified: PENDING
German Amiga Website. The files from WOASE has finally been encoded and distributed to the mirrors. Check them out here!

Amiga Corner
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to the Homepage of Amiga Corner, My bbs located in Haslev,Denmark! When I started on this homepage, someone told it was a lack of time to make a homepage for a oldfashioned BBS, but due to the responds i have gotten the last time, i can see it's not a bad idea! So what is this all about? We will try to provide you with Usefully information about the Amiga, information about the points of AC, and finally links to other good AMIGA homepages. If you have suggestions, ideas, or just want to say "hi!" feel free to email me! or give me your vote below!

Amiga Fire
Author: Rune J. Keller Date Verified: PENDING
Who are we and what do we want? The Amiga games market may not be in its best situation ever. But there are still a lot of high profile game developers and a lot of high profile games coming out. What we have been lacking is a high profile games magazine. This is what we intend to bring you with Amiga Fire. We will have the latest news directly from the developers. Previews and reviews of the latest games. In short: everything you always wanted to know about the new Amiga games. The Amiga games market may not be in its best situation ever. We at Amiga Fire intend to do our best to change that. News, previews, reviews, codes, releases, letters and more.

Amiga Games Classifying
Author: David "Daff" Brunet Date Verified: PENDING
Amiga Games Classifying is an fully independent project for games on the Amiga platform. Our objective is triple : - Discover, month after month, the ranking of the best Amiga games according to the Amiga users. - Try to influence coders to make games wished by gamers. - Reward best Amiga games every year.

Amiga Gateway
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
Small site with links to online Amiga magazines, informaton & news, programming, software, hartware and art.

Amiga Information Center
Author: Amiga Information Center Date Verified: PENDING
Up to date Russian Amiga news and informaton site!. REALLY NICE!!! News, links and much more!

Amiga Land
Author: Johan Van Gompel Date Verified: PENDING
Het officiële Amiga Club Genk BBS.

Amiga Link Directory
Author: Date Verified: PENDING
A GREAT site for Amiga links!!! Over 600+ links to date. WOW!!!

Amiga Links
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
Nice link ctaalog

Amiga Page
Author: Ann Goonan Date Verified: PENDING
Hello there! I'm Ann Goonan. Welcome to the Amiga section of my site. This section is improved and updated constantly. I hope you like it. You are welcome to email me with your comments, suggestions or your requests for inclusion in this section. Links to news, aminet, companies, software, hardware, downloads and more

Amiga PowerPC NEWS
Author: Amiga PowerPC NEWS Date Verified: PENDING
Site dedicated to PPC News. Lots of information but the site is outdated.

Amiga PPC
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
Russian Amiga site.

Amiga Programming Material
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
Links to varoius computer / Amiga Sites

Amiga Projects
Author: Lauri Ahonen Date Verified: PENDING
"Amigausers form a vivid community, ready to share their time and efforts to each other.". Active Projects : Second Spin - A featurepacked and fast cd <-> mpeg audio converter. DamnHPY - A HPY connection handler. Supports various alarm types, is highly configurable (can therefore be used with other than HPY connections too) and displays all stats realtime. InternetDialer - Really hate the Miami dialer. All current stacks definitely needed a proper dialer so I created this simple, but stylish and effective dialer with full DamnHPY support. And more!

Amiga projects by Jarmo Laakkonen
Author: Jarmo Laakkonen Date Verified: PENDING
Author of LamePPC, UnZip for Warp OS,htmldoc - Converts HTML to Postscript and PDF for Warp OS, ADoomPPC for Warp OS, WarpQuake, and MORE!!!

Amiga Realm: Web Directory Index
Author: Guestbook Date Verified: PENDING
Dirtectory Service, Forums and Discussion Board. WOW!!

Amiga Treffpunkt Oberlausitz
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
Hallo Computerfreunde, auf diesen Seiten wollen wir euch über ein Computersystem informieren, was einmal mit seinen Fähigkeiten die Menschen in Erstaunen versetzte, jedoch bei vielen mittlerweile in Vergessenheit geraten ist. Die Rede ist vom AMIGA, der sich gerade in einer Auferstehungsphase befindet. Viele Firmen und User arbeiten daran, Nachfolger des einst so fortschrittlichen Classic-AMIGA zu kreieren. Wir wollen an dieser aufregenden Zeit teilhaben, zu Diskussionen anregen und Informationen weitergeben. Ihr könnt hier eure Meinungen, Programme, Hinweise und Ratschläge veröffentlichen (natürlich kostenlos).

Amiga University
Author: Kevin Orme Date Verified: PENDING
AU Worldwide Amiga News. Welcome to the Worldwide Amiga News page. If you have a new site to add to our list, please email us with the URL and we'll add it to this page. Despite what the press may say, there are a LOT of these sites and most are kept pretty current, enjoy!

Amiga utilities
Author: Adam Atkinson's Date Verified: PENDING
NB. Currently very much in a state of flux - quite a few things are on my list as a reminder to myself to put in a link and to say something about them. Also, I suppose, to let people know that they don't need to suggest them for inclusion because they're already planned :-) This list is getting longer than I'd originally intended it to. I'm not sure what to do about this just yet. Please note that non-inclusion in this list doesn't mean I think something is bad - on the whole I'm trying to mention a way to achieve a given thing, not all possible ways of doing it. And except where noted, I'm talking about the programs I use - there may well be others of equal or better quality that I don't know about, or cases where there's no point using more than one of a given program and I've chosen one for my own purposes.

Amiga Word 2000
Author: Antoine Boot Date Verified: PENDING
Nicely done website no longer updated. Good source of older information.
Author: Date Verified: PENDING
Amiga news and information site. (Site in Polish)

Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
News, Rants, Links and more
Author: Michael L. Smith Date Verified: PENDING
A good place to find information/software for the Amiga. Broken down into easy to navagate icons

Author: Tim Janssen Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to Amiga Reviews - a site devoted to the Amiga, its games and magazines that have reviewed them. Here you can find more than 390 reviews in HTML which originally appeared on paper from 1988 to 2000. If you ever wanted to know how a particular Amiga game scored in gamesmagazines, check out this site. All reviews originally appeared in magazines like Amiga Format, CU Amiga, Zzap and Zero between 1988 and 2000.
Author: AmigaMOS Date Verified: PENDING
Okay here goes: is an Amiga topsite. A topsite is a list where Webmasters can signup their sites. The sites, which get the best/most votes, get the highest rank. The ranking system on is unique. Most topsites rank sites by how many clicks they send. uses a voting system. So if a site get 9 votes, but only 2 points each time, the total would be 18 points. If a site gets just 3 votes but 10 points each time, the total would 30. That means that low quality sites will never get a very high rank on And YOU decide which site is the best. Webmaster can't cheat the system, by voting for them selves over and over again. The ranking script logs people IP's so cheating isn't possible. After a Webmaster signup he must add a small banner and/or voting box on his site. That way the site can be ranked while you look at it. That's it!

AmigaOS4 Windows Look
Author: Graham Date Verified: PENDING
Introduction - Hyperion have put up some screenshots of the look and feel of AmigaOS4 at http://www.os4.hyperion- / Screenshots / screenshots.html. These are not the final look and feel of AmigaOS4, but in a fit of boredom I have decided to see what I can do with them to make them look nicer in my opinion. One of my key design issues is that the changes I make can be replicated with code easily - I will only try and do straight lines of colour, or blocks of colour. There will be no fancy pixmap addition here.

Author: Mike Bouma Date Verified: PENDING
This is the main page for AmigaRing. Web rings are a novel way to visit a multitude of pages on the same subject, just by visiting one page, and then moving onto the "next" page. The AmigaRing, created in September, 1996, is made up of web pages relating to the world of Amiga computers. Programmers, developers, sales outlets, and personal home pages are some of the pages linked within the AmigaRing.

Author: AmigaScene Date Verified: PENDING
De AmigaScene is het Nederlandstalige computerblad voor de Amiga computer. Onze doelstelling is dan ook om Amiga gebruikers in Nederland en Vlaanderen te voorzien van Nederlandstalige Amiga informatie. Ons blad verschijnt 1x per twee maanden en bevat dan ongeveer 40 pagina's met informatie. De AmigaScene is een uitgave van Stichting Amiga Nederland en is gevestigd op het volgende adres: (Home page of AmigaScene. A Amiga published magazine located in the netherlands. Amiga news, links, software, polls and much more!)

Author: Scott Pistorino Date Verified: PENDING
Your Looking at it!! The BEST place on the web to get info on the Amiga!! PERIOD!!!

AmigaWare by ewhac
Author: Leo L. Schwab Date Verified: PENDING
The Stuff I Did on the Amiga Computer. I don't think I overstate the issue when I say that the reason I have a pretty good job today is because of the display hacks and animations I made for the Amiga computer. I first saw the Amiga back in 1985. It was at SIGGRAPH, which had the good fortune to be held in San Francisco that year. They brought it out for public display the day after its public unveiling in New York. As they rolled through the demos, it was quite clear it was a powerful machine. But when they showed Boing, my jaw hit the floor. In that moment, I saw that all the ideas I'd had floating around in my head for the last several years were now possible. The machines were no longer an impediment.

Asgard BBS
Author: Richard De Vos Date Verified: PENDING
Main Info. Asgard BBS is a non profit Bulletin Board System, located in Rotterdam,Holland. The Sysop of this BBS is Ingmar Larsen AKA Viking. The Names of the Cosysops are: Richard De Vos AKA "Foxhunt". Hans Van Steenbergen AKA "The Beast".

Blobrana`s Workbench
Author: Blobrana Date Verified: PENDING
Our Operating System, OS for short, is legendary in the Amiga marketplace. Known problems and fixes, Collection of Entertaining Cracks and Downloads, Links and more

BoB's Web Site
Author: Bob Date Verified: PENDING
I live in Sioux City, Iowa USA, I have an Amiga 2000 (060) and an Amiga 1200 (060) computer and belong to SMAUG (Siouxland Metro Amiga Users Group). Nice link section and message board

Boing Attitude
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
Simple website with an interview with John Harris: AmigaDE Developer. Soon, you will get more news about our first game on AmigaDE, Word Me Up

Chris' Homepage
Author: Chris Hattemer Date Verified: PENDING
Here you can download my programms. ML-Support :Tool for easy subscribing/unsubscribing with mailinglists, IssueTracker : Tool to manage your notices and ToDo lists, MUIMastermind : Mastermind Game, GoldED Tools : Some useful tools for programming with GoldED, FlexCat Makescripts : Makescripts to use FlexCat with StormC

Coin Mania
Author: Alex Aris Date Verified: PENDING
Hignly rated game. Several other programs availiable. C=64 stuuf too!

Author: DaFreak - Martin Rebentisch Date Verified: PENDING
Homepage of the Amigascener DaFreak -graphician and swapper with gfx, gtx, linx & scene stuff.

DCR Software & Hardware
Author: DCR Date Verified: PENDING
On my homepage I am offering my software and hardware projects for the Amiga computer system. You are able to download the software and the construction manual of my hardware at no cost. If you own an Amiga you are damn right on my homepage. Maybe you'll find some things of interest. MAS-Player - Hardware-based MP3-Player, Bibelforscher - A program to research the bible, ZeroIQ Demo - These are some short music videos for simple minds, Amigo Computer - A little manual on how to build your own self-made computer, Games - Some games called: "Flying Eagles", "Four in a row" and "Calculate". Commodore C64 - To getting your Amiga's C64 emulator busy you will find my favorite games which I programmed for the Commodore C64.

Dietmar Knoll: Online Home
Author: Dietmar Knoll Date Verified: PENDING
Hello! Welcome to my new Online Home! My interests include, among others, Amiga computers, multimedia, science, traveling, Science Fiction and web publishing/design. With the buttons on the left side you can explore all rooms:

Digital Amiga Dream
Author: Digital Amiga Dream Date Verified: PENDING
Amiga News and information site. Lots of information. Flea Market, Interviews, Links and more! , Site in Slovenik and English.

DJLorry's Amiga HQ
Author: DJLorry Date Verified: PENDING
Site for just about everything for Heretic and Hexen. Downloads for Ami-Hexen, Warp-Hexen, Hexen68K and Vaxen. Aheretic, Ami/WarpHeretic & Heretic. WADs, sound files, launchers and more!!!

Duff's Amiga Pages
Author: Allan Odgaard Date Verified: PENDING
Lots of MUI claseses, Libraries, Programs and Utilities written by the author.

Eelke's Page
Author: Eelke Blok Date Verified: PENDING
Nice page with lots of information!

Elena Fractical Gallary
Author: Elena Novaretti Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to my fractal gallery! Here you will see hundreds of colorful, high-quality, continuous shaded true 24-bit pictures of chaotic systems (AKA "fractals"), real photos from seen and unseen universes (no artifacts) such as you'll hardly find elsewhere! Feel free to choose one of the links on the left for more detailed information about the Author or the software and hardware employed for creating them. Please remember that the entire graphic material shown on this Gallery, as well as the necessary technology used for its generation, lays under the Author's copyright: you must not redistribute my pictures or use them for other purposes than your personal enjoyment without specifying their origin and a proper copyright notice. (Site in Elnglisg and Italian)

Author: Paul Compton Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to my home page, like most people I`ve written it more for myself than anyone else, but hope others will enjoy a quick visit, it`s split into two purposes really, one being a selection of links on 2 topics i enjoy, music and graphic work. The other is to show some of my photo`s online. Hope you enjoy it if you find any links that would benefit my page, or indeed have any comments, please let me know.

Ensonic's Page
Author: Stefan Kost Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to Ensonic's Page - the WWW support page for my AMIGA shareware and public domain software, which I wrote during my studies at the HTWK Leipzig/FB IMN. You can download everything for free. I've even included sources in all freeware archives for educational purposes. Feel free to contact me to discuss them. Author of FractalUniverse (short FU) is a powerful fractalgenerator for AMIGA-computers. SoundFX (short SFX) is an editor for digitized audiodata (samples). Ag2txt, Border patch, Cache Control, Edwin, HiScan, Mini Backup and more!!

Explosives, Brother!
Author: Explosives, Brother! Date Verified: PENDING
What the h**l is this? Explosives, Brother! is writing, recording and producing music, mainly alternative stuff, both for ourselves and others. We are located in Sweden.

Florian Sievers
Author: Florian Sievers Date Verified: PENDING
Herzlich Willkommen auf der Homepage von Florian Sievers.Auf dieser Homepage finden Sie nützliche Programme und interessante Links. Unter Programme finden Sie auch ein paar Programme für den Amiga und natürlich auch für Linux oder MS-Dos/Windows PCs. (Site in german)

Flying Mice LLC
Author: Flying Mice LLC Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to the Flying Mice LLC Website. We design advanced devices. Hold onto your hats, cause its gonna be wild! We could show you what we're working on, but then we'd have to kill you.

Frank Bunton's Amiga Home Page
Author: Frank Bunton Date Verified: PENDING
Links and information for the Amiga.

Author: Dietmar Knoll Date Verified: PENDING
Geographical Amiga Users Home Page Internet List. List of hundreds of Amiga users and their programs/sites around the world. The GAUHPIL lists currently 938 Users from 37 Countries

Gentle Eye
Author: Gentle Eye Date Verified: PENDING
Foreign language Amiga website. Hardware, Software, Games, Links and more. Regularly updated.

Gérard Cornu's home page
Author: Gérard Cornu Date Verified: PENDING
Personal web page. Amiga inofrmation, files, power up stuff, aminet sites and more.

Glenn Hisdal's Homepage
Author: Glenn Hisdal Date Verified: PENDING
Links/ information for SDL (Simple Direct media Layer) - A multiplatform library created by Sam Latinga. It enables you to create programs that can be compiled for a number of Operating Systems without any modification to the source code. And StrICQ - An ICQ client for AmigaOS made by Douglas McLaughlin.

Greg Donner's Home Page
Author: Greg Donner Date Verified: PENDING
Web pages are really only worth visiting if you have something to offer. With this in mind there are some freeware icons/clipart/brushes, as well as hosting the Amiga Computer Enthusiasts of Elkhart, Indiana web page, and the Official AmigaOS 3.5 and 3.9 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) sites. A review of Amiga OS 3.9 (w/snapshots) is also available. You can also find the Workbench Nostalgia site for timeless information about the AmigaOS and its GUI, "Workbench". For Amiga owners with a GVP A4060 or A2060 accelerator card, there's the Unofficial GVP A4060/A2060 page. The Amiga soapbox page helps me vent some pet peeves. BTW, if you own a PC or Mac, here's why I use the Amiga.
Author: Date Verified: PENDING
French Amiga news and information site. Programs, Articles, Tests, Resources, Forums and more. Also in English

Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
Amiga links page. Several goof FAQ links located on this page

Hall of Light - The ultimate Amiga games database
Author: HOL Date Verified: PENDING
You want information of a game?? Look no further!!! Number of unique game information pages: 3925 Total of game information pages viewed: 14206

Author: HISPAMIGA Date Verified: PENDING

Home of Amiga
Author: Bilbo Date Verified: PENDING
A site with a lot on Amiga links

Home of Pint
Author: Jörg Strohmeyer Date Verified: PENDING
Download the latest version of Smart Filesystem 1.195 - 20 May 2002. Site also contains several other utilities.

Homepage von Aaron Digulla
Author: Aaron Digulla Date Verified: PENDING
Personal projects. XDME, ResTrackLib, Cint and AROS!!! Need I say any more?

Author: Ian Mortimer Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to Ian's Homepage at Demon.If you looking for stuff on the Amiga, you've come to the right place, from here, you can gain access to the What's Hot On The Amiga Magazine websites and the brand new WinUAE and WinFellow web sites.

ikir Sector
Author: ikir Date Verified: PENDING
Italian Amiga news page. Downloads, links and more. Support page for AB Glow Icons.

Joe's Home Page
Author: Joe Fenton Date Verified: PENDING
Joe Fenton's homepage. Author/ co Author of Emplant and Fusion. ACE - Atari 8-bit Home Computer Emulation, AII - Apple II Emulation and PCx MacOS - 486 AT Personal Computer Emulation, ADOOM,

John Haubrich
Author: John Haubrich Date Verified: PENDING
Author of several good utilites and developer programs for the Amiga. AppTemp - A customizable GUI-driven application generator, KeepPrivate - KeepPrivate strips private information from MUI autodocs and header files, MCC_DataList - DataList.mcc is a subclass of list class which provides easy support for sorting, pattern-match searching, multiple columns and bounded data, MUI2HTML - MUI2HTML is a conversion utility to read MUI autodocs and output HTML equivalents, MCC_TreeList - TreeList.mcc is a subclass of list class which provides support for hierarchical data handling and more!!

Josh's Amiga Webpage!
Author: Joshua E. Horn Date Verified: PENDING
Personal webpage with linfo on Amiga models, dealers, links, message board and more

Kicko's private webpage
Author: Krister Simon Skrtic Date Verified: PENDING
Personal webpage. Nice link page. Amiga, music, webstuff and more

Author: Greg Date Verified: PENDING
KOSH is a new platform being designed and built by the users, developers, retailers and journalists who will use it. It offers the potential for real innovation in hardware and software whilst also allowing for the best use of existing machines. It puts the individual at the centre of the computing experience and empowers them to create, work and play in the virtual world. Built on a firm commercial base, it will be owned by the same users, developers, retailers and journalists that go to make up its vibrant community.

Le Domaine de l'Ours
Author: l'Ours Date Verified: PENDING
Amiga freak since 1988, webmaster of
Author: LoRdDef Date Verified: PENDING
The homepage of LoRdDeF. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean you're not being followed.

Lorraine Design
Author: Bojan Milovic Date Verified: PENDING
Graphic, Photography, old photography, wb background, new icons packs etc etc.. All make with amiga gfx software.

Luca Ferraris Homepage
Author: Lucas Ferraris Date Verified: PENDING
Maker of ShowFont - A little and fast font viewer working on any Amiga with at least 512k of memory. OS 3.1 users could find some problems using this utility. Scrypter - A little text crypter working on any Amiga. EssencED - EssencED changes a byte in the Essence Vol I/II texture passed as argument and save it as a new file working with Imagine 2.9+ too. ChoiceBar - ChoiceBar was written some months ago using BlitzBasic II. Now, i decided to upload it on Aminet because i don't want to support it anymore. Current archive has been released with source too. Any Blitz programmer should have a look at it! And more!

Made on Amiga
Author: webmaster Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to the NEW Made on Amiga. The internet's only fully searchable directory listing only sites that were made or are maintained on Amiga computers. Made on Amiga was created in 1997 with one signle aim - to promote the Amiga on the internet as a viable alternative to the IBM/Intel/Windows compatible PC through promotion of websites created on the machine. From its original incarnation as a static list of sites created on Amigas around the world, the site soon evolved into something far greater, and all due to its popularity.

Marat Fayzullin
Author: Marat Fayzullin Date Verified: PENDING
Maker of fMSX: Portable emulator of MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ 8-bit home computers. fMSX is written in C and successfully ported to Amiga, Macintosh, PowerMAC, and IBMPC (MSDOS and Windows versions) by a dozen of different people around the Net. The original version is for Unix/X. Virtual Gameboy: It is an emulator of GameBoy portable videogame system produced by Nintendo. Dashboard - An utility showing CPU load and memory usage with two nice gauges (a la xload). Protector - Password protection for Amiga. This program is supposed to be run in startup sequence before any other program. It opens a screen and displays a login window on it. Program supports multiple users and logging. And more!!

Matthias Bethke's software page
Author: Matthias Bethke's Date Verified: PENDING
These are various programs I wrote for AmigaOS and other systems. Some didn't get beyond beta stage, others are finished and a few are even still being developed. Newest items appear on top. HSC/MacOS X - HSC binaries for MacOS X, HSC - The "HTML Sucks Completely" preprocessor, HSC-AmigaOS - HSC binaries for AmigaOS, MRQ - MRQ is my latest system patch project, meant to replace the outdated ARQ, Guigfx.mcc - A custom class for MUI to display images, and several others.

MetalJoe's Amiga Pages
Author: MetalJoe Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to MetalJoe's Amiga Pages, my contribution to the amazing worldwide Amiga community, featuring links, information, discussion and news about the Amiga and related hardware/software. Feel free to mail me with your comments, rumours, information and wishes... Enjoy! *** Good page!!!***

MetalJoe's Dungeon
Author: John Chandler Date Verified: PENDING
Greetings from the darkest depths of the Internet… Welcome to my humble Dungeon, a vast storage area of links and information located deep in the basement of the World Wide Web. Stay as long as you think is necessary (or tolerable) and feel free to mail your comments before you leave - no matter how flattering, offensive, surreal or downright *gulp* normal they may be! *grin* Hopefully you'll find something new, interesting or weird on these pages. If not then... er... mail me with something new/interesting/weird/lewd and I'll see what I can do.

Michael Rivers Home Page
Author: Michael Rivers Date Verified: PENDING
Author ofModePro ME - Screen Mode Promoter and Public Screen Manager. SysI2 - Replaces those boring window gadgets with new ones! SysI3 - Replaces those boring window gadgets with new colorful ones! WinSnapshot - Make your Ami remeber where it's windows were! ExtrasLib - Some useful and not so useful functions in a SasC link time library. GetMsgPtch - Kludge a problem with exec/GetMsg() and 060 cpu's. Unwrap - Create perfect spherical and cylindrical brush maps. And more!!!

MRE Software
Author: Martin R. Elsner Date Verified: PENDING
Homepage of Martin R. Elsner.. Author of StartMenu - Tool bar similar to the windows startbar. ClassAction - A multipurpose filemanager for AmigaOS. SystemSettings - A program to configure your system under AmigaOS; you are able to start preference programs and edit config files, view and change assigns and view and change environment variables. ProcessManager - A little tool to control the processes on your Amiga. If you know the commands "status" and "break", you know what ProcessManager does: it displays the list of the current processes, and you have the possibility to quit a process (on your own responsibility!).

Nick's Web Page
Author: Nicholas Patterson Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to my Amiga page here you will find info on the Amiga, picture of my workbench screen, programs I made to download and other interesting stuff. The following programs have been made by me using the Amiga and Blitz Basic. Bootup - Brightens up your startup with a picture and a sound. SlideShow - A simple program for all those who want to make a quick an easy slideshow with out all the hassle and programming. HeaderEdit - Lets you put the header back into the files or even protect your own files with your own customised headers.

Now That's What I Call A Pop Quiz
Author: Paul Nicholls Date Verified: PENDING
Official website for the number one pop quiz on the Classic Amiga. Download and try out the game for nothing. With over 2400 questions, you'll never get bored playing this top arcade game with superb SFX and music. Works on all Classic Amigas with 2mb.

Oliver Roberts Homepage
Author: Oliver Roberts Date Verified: PENDING
Author of SoloControl - Remote control utility for the Pace 56 Solo modem, Warp TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PDS - Various graphic datatypes for (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS), Various utilites for F!GP and much more.

Author: Kelvin Date Verified: PENDING
Personal Homepage. Info on upgrading the A1200 PSU. As we all know, the power supply that is given with the A1200 is, well, underpowered (to say the least). Here is a project that converts a standard AT PSU into on that an A1200 can use.
EXTRAs BAR The Alternative
Author: Osgeeks Date Verified: PENDING
A nice place for news, links and forums on different operating systems.

Pascal's Homepage
Author: Pascal Gisin Date Verified: PENDING
Lots of good programs and utilities Textloader, Rexxbrowser, ExplorerNG, EURO-Fonts, Guider, DriveManager, Biorythmus, SupperLOTTO and more. Site in German.

Peta's Amiga Page
Author: Peta Date Verified: PENDING
How to connect your Amiga to the internet. Older information.

Author: Sam Byford (Bifford the Youngest) Date Verified: PENDING
My Poetry, Photography and Stuff about My Amigas. Please enjoy and let me have lots of feedback.

Pietro Altomani'a Home Page
Author: Pietro Altomani Date Verified: PENDING
Maker of POSBB. POSBB is a new benchmark program,with which you will be able to test and compare different computers,Operating Systems,CPUs,and even C compilers. It will be able to perform many tests,and the user will select wich test want to use. Later also graphical frontends for many platforms will arrive. And Hotstartup - Runs a script every time you insert a disk.

Portal Amiga Wirtualna Amiga
Author: Portal Amiga Date Verified: PENDING
Polish Language Amiga news, links, Amiga encyclopedia, hardware, software and more.

Rainer Benda · Computer & Zubehörversand
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
A nice page with LOTS of Amiga/Commodore links.

Ratte's Amiga Homepage
Author: Ratte Date Verified: PENDING
Ratte's Amiga Homepage. (Need I say more??)

Ridwan Hughes' Homepage
Author: Ridwan Hughes Date Verified: PENDING
Author of MiamiDX remote control - Control your MiamiDX interfaces from any machine on your lan by using a webbrowser. Star Warps - A nice star warp background for your desktop, available in sizes 640x480 - 1280x1024. YAM2Usenet - Turn YAM2 into a newsreader! Evil Patches - a page with evil patches for various Amiga programs. IFFAnim2GIFAnim - Create GIF anims from IFF anims with ImageFX and more

SDI's main page
Author: Dirk Stöcker Date Verified: PENDING
Author of xadmaster.library dearchiver system, xfdmaster.library decruncher system, xpkmaster.library the packing standard and more.

SG's Homebrew Computer Club
Author: Stéphane Guillard Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome in Stéphane Guillard & family Web space. Author of AmiVNC - An experimental VNC server for the Amiga, sKulpt W3d - sKulpt aims at being (someday J ) the modern reincarnation of the ancient but beloved Amiga 3D modeling and ray tracing software Sculpt Animate 3D / 4D. Warp3D software render driver and more!

Star'z Kickin' Web Page
Author: Star'z Date Verified: PENDING
Support for my Amiga Software. UNd64 is designed to augment C-64 emulators and/or real C-64's by giving you access to files stored in various types of archives from different sources. NT70 A monitor driver that lets you have 72hz screens on non-multiscan monitors--WITH a vertical hold ;) AddFreq - Adds an automatic filerequester to CLI commands used with it if no command line parameters are given. Pfix - Workaround for a problem with the file manager "ordering." CheckFast - Sets WARN condition or resets your Amiga if no fastmem is found. Useful for owners of the Apollo A620 and several math library patches

SWAUG - South Wales Amiga User Group
Author: SWAUG Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to the home of South Wales Amiga User Group- a website for all Amiga users. If you are curious and would like to find out more about us check out the About section. If you wish to join SWAUG, then fill in the Membership Application Form.

Author: David Swasbrook Date Verified: PENDING
Swaz's Amiga Page. Author of AlertPatch - improved information when a program crashes, DosWedge - makes AmigaDOS even more UNIX like, Homer - funny little program to place Homer Simpson onto your Workbench, SwazBlanker - modular screen blanker, SwazInfo - enchances workbench file information and WindowDaemon - adds special hotkeys and features to windows. Swazinfo and blanker GREAT PROGRAMS!!!

Author: Mikael Engström Date Verified: PENDING
TompaBBS är en BBS för dig som tycker om att debattera med andra datorintresserade människor och utveckla din sociala kompetens utan att behöva störas av spam, flames, osv som finns i Usenet. På TompaBBS som drivs på komsystemet Nikom, finns många möten om olika ämnen, exempelvis internet, datorsäkerhet, politik, religion, drinktips, etc. Mera information om de möten som finns kan du läsa här.

Transplant & Emulate
Author: Krister Simon Skrtic Date Verified: PENDING
Emulate and Transplant history. Everything started when Kicko's cousin Micro took him to Dj mixing Championship at Kåren in Gothenburg. Kicko bought his first music computer (Amiga) and began with his music making after he saw Micro and his friend do it. It was then Humanoid from Stakker come out and it was then when techno become famous. After a couple of years Vlado become a member. The music become their "hobby". Then Damir (Kicko's cousin) went in the picture. After that Kicko bought his first and only synthesizer Roland JD800. Several of their songs on the site in MP3/MPG format.

Video Game Music
Author: Video Game Music Date Verified: PENDING
If you enjoy listening to computer game soundtracks, especially created on the Commodore Amiga - then this site is for you! Not only does this site feature a round up of all the best music editors for the popular format of MOD tunes and samples for creating your own music easily, this site also includes many original tunes for you to download.

Vortexau's Site - Exotic Transportation
Author: J. Klumpp Date Verified: PENDING
Personal web site with info about the Author, and some Amiga stuff & Entertainment. FLASH - Download the 'BOING Demo".

Walibe Tech
Author: Walibe Date Verified: PENDING
Welcome to my site dedicated to the wonderful world of small PCs. This used to be where my AMIGA related site resided but has now been archived and will be available for download soon. In its place lies this this site, with a new look. Everything will slowly come on-line as I get time to do it. The priority is the VIA Eden section which is first love, then the shuttle section. Thanks, PJ

Warren Block's Web Page
Author: Warren Block Date Verified: PENDING
Site with information on the A4000, A1200 and other non compoter related items.

Welcome to Jan-Erik Karlsson's Home Page
Author: Jan-Erik Karlsson Date Verified: PENDING
You will find mostly stuff about my current projects here. uCON, ckMAME, PAR 1.1, BetaScan Drivers and more.

Welcome to Magnus Lundins Homepage
Author: Magnus Lundins Date Verified: PENDING
Here you can find some programs and other creative things I have done with my Amiga! Programs written in Blitz Basic. AsciiCodes -A little ascii value program. Adfblitzer - A very cool program that read and write adf-files. Access 3.0 - A Cool password program for ya Amiga. Keyboarder - Train ya keyboard skill now! KlockWatch 2.0 - Pretty nice clock for your Workbench. And more!

Welcome to Platon's Homepage
Author: Chris Hodges Date Verified: PENDING
Homepage to Chris Hodges. Author of the Poseidon USB Stack. Programming - AMCAF, AMOS Stuff. Games - FTC, Strike Commander, Lemmings 2 Level Editor, etc. Tools - FormAldiHyd, 1230 Scsi Fix, various cli tools. Demos - Various (scene) demos and intros. And other stuff - MAS MPeg Device, Deli14Bit Genie

Welcome to the Amiga Games Hit Parade !
Author: David "Daff" Brunet Date Verified: PENDING
Amiga Games Hit Parade is an fully independent project for games on the Amiga platform. Our objective is triple : Discover, month after month, the ranking of the best Amiga games according to the Amiga users. - Try to influence coders to make games wished by gamers. - Reward best Amiga games every year.

Welcome to the home page of Psyria
Author: Psyria Date Verified: PENDING
Psyria is a music project, that is exclusively produced with the Amiga. Download their songs. Site in German

Welcome to the ruppzuck pages
Author: Michael Rupp Date Verified: PENDING
Creator the TAWS - : A pure JavaScript-Simulation of the Amiga Workbench. Surely not to miss…

Welcome to Waimate AMiGA
Author: n/a Date Verified: PENDING
A AMiGA® Web Directory. Sit elinks for the AMiGA 3000 * AMiGA 3000 Tower * Custom Workbench * New AMiGAs * Classic AMiGAs * AMiGA Games * UAE and PCs * ShapeShifter * Me! * OS Software * Internet Software * Application Software

Welecome to
Author: Wouter Lamée Date Verified: PENDING
Wonderful page. Lots of GREAT information on using a digital camera with the Amiga, Overclocking the Cyberstorm, Image Processing, Fonts, the WWW, MP3 encoding and more!!! So good I cataloged two of his pages separately!

WWW-Seite von Henk Jonas
Author: Henk Jonas Date Verified: PENDING
Maker of MetaView - The solution for clip art users: display and convert the following Graphics File Formats: AMF, WMF, CGM, GEM, DSDR, DR2D, DXF, XFIG, WPG, HPGL, CMX, EPS, JMF, AI and ILBM. AmigaMetaFile Format - Device independent graphic library, with possibility to export to CGM, GEM, EPS, HPGL, DR2D, AI, JMF, WMF, XFIG. For rework of the example I want thank Daniel Kasmeroglu. Messlabor - Program for data visualizing in x/y diagrams. New version delayed. And more!! Various graphic file information.
Author: AmigaPro Date Verified: PENDING
The website for the Amiga performance enthusiast, but plenty for the beginner, or the just plain curious. Reviews, HW info,benchmarks and more

xork's place
Author: xork Date Verified: PENDING
xork's personal web page. Links to his attempts at programming - windows, gnu.Linux, AmigaOS, PHP & Gimp. Several Amiga Programs.

Author: Steven W. Rungtranont Date Verified: PENDING
I hope this page will become a repository of fun and useful Amiga information, and I hope to share my upcoming adventures with adding my Amiga 3000 to my home network. Heck, I may even ask for help here. If you have any questions about Amiga, go ahead and ask me. I may not have an answer for you, but I'll try to help. If you would like a link to your Amiga page put here, then let me know and I'll gladly help you out.

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